Canine Companions Invitational
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
#4 #4   PRAVA Construction
Damian Alva   RDG
Dorie Amen   Golf Pride
Carlene Anderson   Randall Puppy Love
Liza Applebaum   Thursday Golfer Gals
Kevin Arkle Callaway Callaway
Dan Atkinson   Randall Lab Lovers
Tristan Baker   Team Intuit
Alex Balazs   Team Intuit
Simi Balter   Canine Companions Champions
Thomas Barnes   Team Intuit
Andrew Barone   Team USA
Barbara Barrow   Golf Pride
Jondi Bernardo   Montez
Boat Rentals of America 4 Boat Rentals of America 4   Boat Rentals of America
Paula bogenrief   Canine Companions Champions
Doug Briney   Randall Lab Lovers
Lynn Brown   Randall Puppy Love
Mike Buchi Pentel 3 Mikes and a Chuck
Don Burrus   Mark Ward 1
Herb Butler   Team Butler
Cole Butler   Team Butler
Canon A1 Canon A1 Canon Canon A
Canon A2 Canon A2   Canon A
Canon A3 Canon A3   Canon A
Canon A4 Canon A4   Canon A
Canon B2 Canon B2   Canon B
Canon B1 Canon B2   Canon B
Canon B3 Canon B3   Canon B
Canon B4 Canon B4   Canon B
Mike Cappadocia Pentel 3 Mikes and a Chuck
Jen Carney   Montez
Basia Casara   Team USA
Sgt. Daniel Casara   Team USA
Bob Caya   PRAVA Construction
Jerod Colemand   Gilley's Hackers
Cory Day   Randall Lab Lovers
Ralph Di Bernardo   Matsui Consulting Group
Disney C1 Disney C1   Rotary Del Mar
Disney C2 Disney C2   Rotary Del Mar
Disney C3 Disney C3   Rotary Del Mar
Disney C4 Disney C4   Rotary Del Mar
Cheyenne Dixon   RDG
Bill Dougherty   Golf Pride
Dan Downing   Disney B
Jim Drew   Matsui Consulting Group
Micheal Farrington   Team Butler
Matt Farrington   Team Butler
Financial 2 Financial 2   The Financial Team
Financial 3 Financial 3   The Financial Team
Financial 4 Financial 4   The Financial Team
Doug Flaherty   Kate the Great
Chuck Fuller   3 Mikes and a Chuck
Gerard Gaston   Disney B
Carol German   Thursday Golfer Gals
Michele Gorostiza   We're Intuit It
Ryan Gorostiza   We're Intuit It
Clint Gregory Boat Rentals of America Boat Rentals of America
Johnny Guarnes   Montez
Mark Gutierrez   RDG
Doug Hansen   Mark Ward 2
Gregg Hartness   Gilley's Hackers
Kate Hawrylo Intuit Kate the Great
Jeffery Haydel   This is Us
Greg Hueners Callaway Callaway
David Hughes Kearny Mesa Hyundai Genesis and Subaru This is Us
Marilyn Hunter   Friday Golfers
Sean Jeon   This is Us
Michael Jordan Kidder Mathews Gilley's Hackers
Mike King   Gilley's Hackers
Richard Kitson   Friday Golfers
Joe Kloberdanz   Mark Ward 2
Ali Kuraishy   Kate the Great
Deedee Lasker   Golf Pride
Larry Lorden   Matsui Consulting Group
Greg Marshall   Callaway
Neil Matsui Masui Consulting Group, Inc.. Matsui Consulting Group
Dee McCaleb   Disney 1
A T McGUFFEY   Mosteller
Elvin Miami   Disney B
Tim Miller   Team USA
Rebecca Mincarelli   Randall Puppy Love
Tim Mincarelli   Randall Puppy Love
Joe MOELLER   Canine Companions Champions
Monty Montez   Montez
Jerry Mosteller   Mosteller
Yancy Nease   Mark Ward 2
Karla Nichols   Randall Lab Lovers
Theresa Nolton SW Airlines SW Airlines A
Jeff Odom   This is Us
Tim O'Leary   Kate the Great
Steve Palmer   We're Intuit It
Paula Park   Friday Golfers
Jack peluso   Peluso 1
Jack Peluso #2   Peluso 1
Jack Peluso #3   Peluso 1
Jack Peluso #4   Peluso 1
Jack Peluso #5   Peluso 2
Jack Peluso #6   Peluso 2
Jack Peluso #7   Peluso 2
"No game designed to be played with the aid of personal servants by right-handed men who can't even bring along their dogs can be entirely good for the soul."
— Bruce McCall in ‘The Case Against Golf,’ from Esquire.
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